We strive to deliver tailored and flexible services for the benefit of our customers and their end‑users

Mobile Network Services

Thanks to our 2G, 3G, 4G, 4G advanced and 5G mobile networks, CETIN is perfectly positioned to help CEE customers in designing, implementing and operating mobile service support. Today’s mobile networks go well past traditional voice and SMS services and guarantee secure, seamless and reliable Internet connection for web surfing, online banking, social media, e-shopping and using navigation, to name just a few of today’s most common operations carried out on mobile networks.

Our services include passive and active sites sharing in all generations of networks which CETIN offers including backhaul transmission and interconnection. We provide site planning, site construction and maintenance as well as full network monitoring and regional field engineering tasks including spare parts management.


Fixed Voice and Data

Fixed voice and data services continue to be of major importance for the many functions that society needs in order to run smoothly. Today’s administrative, legislative and judicial duties are run on secure fixed optic networks, just as most of our most public services such as police, emergency, hospital, fire and defense capabilities. The more any society digitalizes, the larger the dependence on strong data connectivity and storage options. For every household who doesn’t use a land line phone number, there is an increasing number of public and private organizations who are dependent on fixed services.

CETIN provides secure and reliable networking to partners who need to provide data, voice and Internet services. We design optimal solutions using a wide range of technologies at speeds from lower asymmetrical speeds up to symmetrical 100 Gbps. We are able to deliver data connectivity across several cities and European cities ranging from Frankfurt, Prague, Vienna, Budapest to Sofia and Belgrade.


IT Services

IT Services, the technology functions offered through support and management, are the foundation to any organization. Without strong IT management, businesses cannot effectively manage security risks, strong connectivity and consistent performance from their chosen IT solutions. CETIN provides IT services to our partners who need datacenters, servers, support for Linux or Windows operating systems, virtualization and databases in form of the hosting, infrastructure as service or IT infrastructure outsourcing. We assist and design the most ideal IT solution to meet our partner´s individual needs and challenges.



The online domain has changed our world bringing limitless choice and information, but it can come at a price. Cybersecurity threats are very real and can make any organization or individual vulnerable. Our role at CETIN is to protect your data, systems and networks from invisible attackers by delivering end to end security services from architecture design and solution integration, through operation and maintenance, monitoring and other SOC capabilities. We invest considerably into detection and threat analysis and security, technology and platform management for end user protection. Our customers can provide their clients peace of mind that this is a top priority at CETIN.

We provide various security services in following domains:

  • Solution design and integration (without operational services),
  • Consultancy and Security Audit,
  • Computer security incident management,
  • Vulnerability Assessment / Management,
  • Threat Management,
  • Network and perimeter security,
  • Endpoint Security management


International Data Services

CETIN is the leading infrastructure-based telecommunications service provider in Central and Eastern Europe. We offer data services utilizing the most reliable and extensive network to reach nearly any location in the Czech Republic. CETIN´s services suit all customer needs meeting the highest quality standards.

  • Unique network in the Czech Republic
  • Reliable wholesale player and a gateway to the CEE
  • Fully managed end-to-end redundant network
  • Cooperation with more than 50 partners worldwide
  • Long-term experience connecting hard-to-reach locations
  • International POPs in London, Frankfurt/Main, Vienna, Prague, Bratislava and Hong Kong


International Voice Services

CETIN provides wholesale international voice services to more than 200 carriers transiting over 6 billion minutes annually. Our fully redundant network has extensive reach to many directly interconnected mobile operators with 24/7 monitoring.

We offer flexible and fast routing with a steady growth in transmitted volumes of traffic and number of partners connected.


International Mobile Services


CETIN’s expertise in wholesale roaming enables other mobile operators to handle, organize and control better wholesale roaming costs and revenue streams through a fully managed IOT discount strategy including negotiations with third party MNOs, financial commitment management and service implementation.


Signaling service enables connectivity between a mobile operator and its roaming partners. Making/receiving calls, sending short messages or using mobile internet while travelling belongs to everyday life.

CETIN provides seamless and high-quality roaming signaling service to ensure that mobile customers can use their phones abroad without disruption.


GRX services delivered over CETIN private IPX backbone to ensure that mobile customers can use their phones abroad with the highest availability and security.



Collocation services refer to the practice of housing customer´s servers and devices in a professional datacenter in order to access economies of scale, advanced infrastructure, greater bandwidth, lower latency, value added services and constant security.

Data centers of CETIN meet the highest criteria expected. CETIN operates data centers certified to TIER III level.

All key power, air conditioning, fire suppression, network connectivity and security systems are based on at least N+1 redundancy (continuity of operations even in the event of an outage or shutdown of a piece of equipment). Redundant electrical power to the housing center is always protected by powerful UPS units dually connected to power distribution units (PDU). DC are protected from long-term power outages by redundant diesel generators backing up the UPS system. Diesel generators have at least a 24-hour fuel supply. Fuel supplies are contracted with a fuel supplier. DC cooling is provided by powerful fully redundant air conditioning units. All is covered by SLA.