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PPF TG 2021 sustainability report
Sustainability Report PPF Telecom Group 2022


Information security management
CETIN BG information security policy
CETIN CZ Politika ISMS 2020
CETIN BG 27001 2013 en
CETIN BG 27701 2019 en
CETIN CZ 27001 2013 en
CETIN CZ Infosec system certificate
CETIN RS 27001 2013 eng
CETIN RS 27701 2013 eng
Business continuity
CETIN RS 22301 2019 eng


Environmental management
CETIN BG enviromental policy EN
CETIN HU environmental policy of cetin hungary zrt
CETIN CZ Politika EMS cz
CETIN RS Environmental protection policy
CETIN BG 14001 2015 en
CETIN CZ 14001 2015 en
CETIN HU 14001 2015 en
CETIN RS 14001 2015 eng
Energy management
CETIN CZ Politika EnMS cz
CETIN CZ 50001 2018 en
CETIN HU 50001 2019 en


Quality management
CETIN CZ Politika QMS 2020.09 cz
CETIN BG quality policy
CETIN BG 9001 2015 en
CETIN CZ 9001 2015 en
CETIN RS 9001 2015 en
Health and safety management
CETIN BG health policy EN
CETIN CZ Politika BOZP 2020.09 cz
CETIN CZ 45001 2018 en
IT services management
CETIN BG it services policy
CETIN BG 20000 1 2018 en


Governance and ethics
CETIN BG Code of Ethics BG EN
CETIN CZ PPF Code of Ethics 2019
CETIN HU Code of Ethics
CETIN RS Code of Ethics
PPF Telecom Group Supplier Code of Conduct