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CETIN Czechia has reached another milestone: the average speed of the available connection in the network has reached 202Mbps

CETIN Czechia has reached another Milestone: the average speed has reached 202 Mbps

CETIN Czechia offers from April 2023 a new tariff that brings even faster connections to users of fiber connections. The newly introduced 2000/1000Mbps tariff allows downloads and uploads at twice the speed of the former tariffs. It was designed especially for customers who work intensively with cloud applications and need to transfer large volumes of data with the highest available speeds.

The tariff complemented CETIN's existing offer, i.e. tariffs for fiber connections of 250/250Mbps, 500/500Mbps, and 1000/500Mbps (download/upload speeds). CETIN is working intensively to increase the number of fiber connections, with 251,000 housing units in the Czech Republic connected using fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) or fiber-to-CETIN Czechia has reached another milestone: the average speed of the available connection in the network has reached 202Mbps.

How has the ongoing construction of fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) connections affected the average speed available on the CETIN network in Czechia? Another milestone has been surpassed – we have already reached 20 Mbps by 31 December 2022. 

The construction of the fiber-optic connection has brought over 100,000 newly connected housing units and, thanks mainly to this, the 200Mbps threshold in average available speed has been surpassed. We expect a similar increase in the number of households newly connected to fiber this year.

The current data reflects a refined estimate of the availability of all speeds, an increase in the use of bonding (where two lines on a metallic network are connected), and newly built connections. Fiber connections saw a further jump in available speeds from April 2023, with 2000/1000Mbps connections available.

Stable fixed connections, accelerating speeds, and a choice of more than 20 partners are all good reasons to choose a connection from CETIN. Below you will find a telling table that summarises the average speed available on CETIN connections from 2016 to the present. 

How we have accelerated since the creation of CETIN – average available speeds (download): 
31 December 2022         202Mbps
31 December 2021         177Mbps
31 December 2020         105Mbps
31 December 2019         84Mbps
31 December 2018         67Mbps
31 December 2017         55Mbps
31 December 2016         25Mbps