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CETIN Group is one of the largest telecommunication infrastructure providers in the CEE Region, making it well-positioned to benefit from continued digitalization and growing data demand.

We operate strategically located high-quality sites providing country-wide coverage and a full suite of telecommunication infrastructure assets that allow the Group to provide telecommunication services to its customer. Our asset portfolio includes approximately 12,900 sites, including 3,800 towers, 18,300 points of presence, and 86,800 kilometers of fiber optic cables.

The capillarity of our 86,800 kilometers of fiber backbone and aggregation network enables us to offer nationwide coverage through a bundled offering of site hosting, active radio access network, and backhaul and transport connectivity.

With the coming transition to 5G, we aim at leveraging our existing infrastructure, organization, and relationships for developing future mobile sites and points of presence, which are becoming increasingly valuable as mobile operators need to meet the growing demand for data and will require highly densified networks for 5G.

CETIN Group has built a strong value proposition through its data centers and aims to capitalize on the forecasted sector growth. We serve mobile operators, and third-party customers and also use our data center portfolio for our own needs. The Group’s data center portfolio consists of 36 data centers (11 main and 25 EDGE) with a floor space of approximately 11,411 m2.

The Group invests a substantial amount in the continuous modernization of its existing infrastructure and the development and deployment of new technologies, services, and products in order to remain a leader in the telecommunications markets in which it operates. The Group is currently executing a 5G network rollout and also focuses on investments into fixed market segments, including the extension of its well-maintained and recently modernized Fiber to the Cabinet – FTTC network and ambitious roll-out of Fiber to the Home - FTTH.

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We are one of the largest telecommunications networks across Central and Eastern Europe

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