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CETIN has completed the construction of 5G network in Central Bohemia

CETIN has completed the construction of 5G network in Central Bohemia

CETIN continues to cover Czechia with the fastest 5G network. In mid-June this year, the company successfully completed the upgrade of its entire mobile network in the region of Central Moravia. This includes 814 base stations where the top-rated 5G network is now available, including an increase in overall network capacity. CETIN will soon upgrade another 1,000 transmitters in Moravia.

We are modernizing the mobile network by completely replacing the base station technology, which is financially and logistically more demanding than updating just part of the radio technology. Thus, we are bringing a truly high-quality, fast, and reliable mobile network to the residents of Moravia. 

The fast 5G network will be used by the end customers of Czechia's two biggest operators: O2 and T-Mobile. The use of the latest available technologies and full use of spectrum bandwidth will increase capacity at each transmitter, improve coverage and enable users to achieve many times faster mobile internet speeds. Replacing transmitters is a time, cost, and logistical process that involves months of planning, preparation, and construction coordination.

CETIN uses technologies from the Swedish supplier Ericsson. „This is the largest technological modernization of mobile networks in Czech history. More than 200 technicians in Moravia are involved in the project and have already transported more than 350 tonnes of material and equipment to the transmitters as part of the technology replacement,“ says Vladimír Filip, CETIN's director of network development.


Key facts about network upgrade in Central Moravia:

  • The modernization of the mobile network in Central Moravia took place at 814 base stations and lasted 21 months.
  • The total weight of technological material, structures, and antennas that had to be moved to the base stations was 350 tonnes.
  • The work on each base station took an average of 70 hours. There were usually 4 trips to the site by a team of three.
  • The technicians in Central Moravia carried the technology to an altitude of over 92 km. The average mast is 9 meters high. The tallest mast is in Drahany near Prostějov and measures a record 60 meters.
  • Technicians used 24,000 coaxial cables, 133,000 cable clips, and 10,000 fiber optic interconnecting cables.
  • 12 contractors were involved in the construction. This involves 144 people in the field and 60 people in other activities (design, statics, logistics, work management, etc.).