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Enhancing the energy efficiency of mobile networks in Czechia

Enhancing the energy efficiency of mobile networks in Czechia

CETIN Czechia is running two pilot projects installing photovoltaic panels on towers in the suburban area of Prague and in a rural area in Usti nad Labem to test the grid energy savings potential and operational issues of dual powering the mobile network.

Grid consumption savings of 5.1MWh
The first tower, with an initial average power consumption of 2.8kW, was equipped with a photovoltaic system of 2.9kWp, later upgraded to 3.75kWp. From September 2020 to August 2021, solar power covered 17% of the total power consumption of the site. In anticipation of a technology upgrade of the site and therefore higher electricity consumption throughout 2022, the photovoltaic system was gradually upgraded to its current peak power of 4.9kWp. Over 12 months, the photovoltaic installation produced grid consumption savings of 5.1MWh, equivalent to 18% of total site consumption. 

Solar energy covered 21.7% of total consumption
In the second pilot project, we installed 6.4kWp photovoltaic panels at a site with an average power consumption of 4.8kW. This time, the system also included batteries of 21.6kWh capacity to store excess solar power. The implementation of battery storage increased the proportion of solar power used by charging the batteries during the day and discharging the batteries at night. Early data shows that solar power covered 21.7% of total site power consumption.

CETIN Czechia is dedicated to further exploring the possibilities of utilizing solar panels on mobile sites in order to enhance the energy efficiency of its mobile network operations.