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Mobile network sharing saves energy, delivers better coverage

Mobile network sharing saves energy, delivers better coverage

CETIN Group operating units have multi-operator radio access network sharing agreements in Czechia and Hungary. That means that mobile networks built and operated by CETIN Group subsidiaries are being used to deliver communication services to the end customers of more than one commercial operator.

We have estimated that our sharing activities in Czechia allow us to save about 6,178MWh of electricity annually. We will continue to assess the opportunities and discuss the issue of network sharing with other market players.

Improved customer experience

Faster deployment of innovations, better signal quality, cost, and environmental savings represent additional benefits that network sharing can bring. An increase in the total number of base stations, and an increase in network capacity improves the customer experience across all customer segments. This, of course, means an overall better customer experience with the daily use of data.

Investing in state-of-the-art technologies while safeguarding competition

Network-sharing agreements also have a major positive impact on the development of state-of-the-art 5G networks. In particular, the achieved savings can be utilized towards the expansion of mobile broadband coverage or the rollout of fiber interconnection between base stations, further improving the speed and stability of the networks.

Network sharing agreements do not affect the commercial independence of commercial operators and help therefore maintain a highly competitive mobile market – each operator continues to have its own mobile services portfolio, be it post-paid, pre-paid, or other solutions.